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Everyone can contribute relevant photos from anywhere on the globe. Additionally people, groups or organisations are encouraged to host a series of events to build Wikipedia savvy communities around the competition. These events take the form of introductory workshops, photographic excursions and upload sessions and are aimed at encouraging an ongoing pride in local heritage and cultural practice, as well as to foster a culture of contribution to the internet to shake up the single story of Africa.

The Commons: Wiki Loves Africa 2020 contest will operate in all African countries (and beyond …)

But in some countries, local organizing teams will take charge for driving communications and social media around the competition. They will act as the spokespeople in their country, and will host upload and wiki-takes events during the competition period. In some cases, they will also organize local ceremonies for local winners. Or they will organize meetups, which are important occasions when Wikimedians (users of Wikipedia and the sister projects) come together face-to-face generally in an informal basis. Check the page if you are interested in to get a better understanding of this and want to join an event, or organize a local event. If you have attended a meetup, you can add a little report here (and link to a longer one, if you’re in the mood of writing much).

Specific detail about these events will become available on the Facebook page and the Wikimedia Commons pages. Head to that page to find out what each community is doing!


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